Our Locations

Wahroonga Adventist Church

183 Fox Valley Road

Wahroonga NSW


Tuesdays 10am

Site Co-ordinator: Rahela

Wahroonga NSW


669 Greenwattle Road

Abundant Living Centre

Toowoomba  QLD


Closed until further notice


Site Co-ordinator: Jeanine

Toowoomba QLD


22 Jellico Drive

Scoresby VIC


Mondays 10:30am

Site Co-ordinator: Susantee

Scoresby VIC

Edinburgh Primary School

33-61 Edinburgh Road, Lilydale


Wednesdays & Thursdays

9:30am & 11:45am

Lilydale VIC


Gilson College

370 Bridge Inn Road, Mernda


Tuesdays 9:30am & 12pm

Mernda VIC


More sites coming soon!

Site Co-ordinator: Venise

Mildura VIC

Henderson College

84 Cowra Avenue

Irymple VIC


Thursdays 9:30am


Site Co-ordinator: Panapa

Mona Vale NSW

Pittwater Community Church

28-30 Vineyard Street

Mona Vale NSW


Tuesdays 10am


Site Co-ordinator: Bernie

Taylors Hill VIC

Gilson College

450 Taylors Road, Taylors Hill


Wednesdays 10am

This location closed until further notice.

Site Co-ordinator: Lisa

Nunawading VIC

Dandenong Adventist Church

26 Hutton Street

Dandenong VIC


Tuesdays 10am

Site Co-ordinator: Janelle

Dandenong VIC

Mt Macedon Adventist Church

18 Barringo Road

New Gisbourne


Tuesdays 10am

Site Co-ordinator: Melissa

New Gisbourne 

Warners Bay NSW

Site Co-ordinator:  Carolin

Warners Bay Adventist Church

19-21 East Street

Warners Bay NSW


Wednesdays 10am



Warburton VIC

Site Co-ordinator:  Roseanna

ADRA Redwood

Community Centre

3505 Warburton Hwy

Warburton VIC


Thursdays 10am

Commencing to be advised



Armidale NSW

Site Co-ordinator: Amy

Armidale Adventist Church

67-69 Erskine Street

Armidale NSW


Mondays 10am



Deloraine TAS

Site Co-ordinator: Sue

Deloraine Adventist Church

4445 Meander Valley Rd

Deloraine TAS


Wednesdays 10am



Clayton VIC

Co-ordinator: Bukky

WeExplore Centre

51 Morton Street

Clayton VIC

Tuesdays 10:30am