Have questions? Hopefully we have covered them here for you!

What can I expect at a session?

Lots and lots of encouraged mess!!! We love it. Our sessions are a structured 1.5 hour time that involves lots of things to explore and do. Each week is an exciting theme that helps develop fine motor skills, colours, use of paint, glitter, glue stickers, playdough and much more! We encourage the process of making, rather then the outcome. Our other focus is also on the special connection time that you will experience each week with your child making memories together. Each session ends with a healthy morning/afternoon tea for the children, and a chance to connect with other parents and relax! 

How much does Happy Hands cost?

At Happy Hands, we never want cost to be a barrier for families, which is why we charge so little. Happy Hands Art Time is a registered non-profit community program, so all collected funds go towards materials and resources needed each week to run sessions. Term fees are payable upfront for a term. Cost is only $8.80inc GST

Am I allowed to video or take photos during the session?

We know that anything that your child is doing warrants a special shot on your camera to keep! We do ask though that you do not film during our mat time sessions, and if you are taking photos to please only concentrate on photos of your child in respect of others. Please also check with the co-ordinator on the day before taking video, thankyou for supporting us with this policy!

What if I miss a week, do you offer make up sessions?

We understand that life with young children brings all sorts of surprises, so we appreciate that sometimes you won't be able to make it. If you miss a week, our team will keep the craft packs for you to collect the following week to complete at home in your own time. If you are away for more than 2 weeks, please do get in touch with us to let us know.

My child has allergies, how do you manage that?

As a rule, our teams do not serve peanuts. On our registration form, we ask you to select whether your child has an allergy and detail the type. This information is communicated to our volunteer teams so they are aware. We know that it can sometimes be difficult around wheat allergies especially if all the other children are eating what is served, so in this case if you are unsure, it is best that you bring an alternative snack for your child. Our teams will do their best to accommodate your family and ensure that social situations such as this are treated sensitively. 

Is my child too young?

There are all different levels of developmental stages, so each child will be unique in what they are ready to do. As we offer so many different things throughout, there is lots to choose from and have a go at. We are a nurturing caring environment for you to come with your child to enjoy time together, and even if it's just because you need to connect with others and get out of the house, we welcome that too (:

Who runs the programs?

Our programs are run by groups of willing, large-hearted enthusiastic volunteers from the Seventh-Day Adventist church. You will be warmly welcomed each week into our locations with smiles, love and an environment where connection with your child, our teams and with others each week at Happy Hands will be looked forward to!

What are themes based around?

Whilst our sessions are run by church groups, the themes are all only based on beautiful nature, interesting animals, quirky artists and vibrant textures and colours, there is no religious content in our Happy Hands sessions at all. If you are however at all interested in simple bible story themes for your child in the same structure and environment as this, we invite you to check out our sister program 'Happy Hearts'.