All About Us


Hi there! My name is Carolin, and I am the founder and director of the program, and a mum just like you! I have two very adventurous boys and a supportive hubby, and love to be creative and think outside the box!  One of the inspirations behind this program, was that whilst I was home-schooling at the time, I quickly became very aware of how the boys continued to make all kinds of things with paint, glue, stickers, cardboard but not without a HUGE trail of MESS that was clearly overtaking the house behind them!

It did have me thinking, wouldn’t it be great if there was such a place where their creativity could be encouraged and there was no mess barrier of ‘keeping everything in one place, or their mum saying yet again... ‘not on the carpet!’?

How great would it be for mum’s or dads to bring along their kids to one place where they could make AS MUCH MESS as they liked? Even BETTER, let’s make a quality art program VERY AFFORDABLE to anyone in the local community because let’s face it, art classes can be so expensive!! In 2011, our first Happy Hands branch opened in Nunawading where we established it as a non-for-profit community program for parents and toddlers to enjoy interaction together whilst making a big creative mess! Our motto THE MESS STAYS WITH US soon spread far and wide with many families embracing this and spreading the word about our very low cost 1.5 hour sessions, with more sites that continued to open up in the local community (:

Our sessions are very much process orientated as we want your child to be comfortable in a space where they can discover things for themselves. We are constantly amazed though at what a child with come up with given the resources and the freedom to explore! 

The national award we received in 2016 for the ‘Best non-for-profit community program for preschoolers’ was a very humbling experience and so wonderfully encouraging for all of our volunteer teams, as they really do put all their heart into running these sessions each week and it wonderfully recognized the efforts made. Our programs would not run without our volunteers!

With growth in NSW this coming year, Happy Hands Art Time now reaches many families each week and creating a really happy place for attending families. Our programs always aim to nurture children to be creative through process orientated activities which allow them to grow and create at their own pace - with many original and gorgeous masterpieces made along the way!

Your child will always be very encouraged to come up with their own interpretations of the craft theme for the day, it is also a wonderful opportunity for you to also connect with your child in this way.

We welcome you into our Happy Hands Art Time family, and look forward to making a mess with you....where the mess stays with us!

Carolin Schmitz, Happy Hands Art Time Founder & Director